Ram's Head Ranch - Our Horses
~These are a few of our horses and the things that they do!~
We believe that every horse should be this versatile
Flores Jr Rodeo - 2005
All Around Hi Pt
AZ State Fair - 2005
Money earner
4-H State Finals - 2007
11th place barrels, 2nd poles
1997 Mustang Gelding
PLA Rescue
Equine Eden Horse Rescue
Fall Follies Show - 2008
Got the blue!
T-Bird Show
Trail Course - 2008
My rider is fast
asleep! I must stand
perfectly still.
Western Pleasure
4-H Show - 2009
Sonoran Desert Campout - 2009
6 hour ride BAREBACK
Climbing the mountain
At the top looking down
GNB Twister Joy
2003 APHA Mare
Skye & Tio on left
Gage & Twister on right
T-Bird Show - 2007
Open Trail
The run home!
Around the barrel we go
Skye is qualified for 4-H State
Finals again this year - 2009!
English, Western and Gymkhana
4-H Western Pleasure - 2009
4-H English Pleasure - 2009
And the blue ribbon!
One of many for this year's season
Scouting the Sonoran Desert
before our camp out. 2008
Payson Parade 2006
Twister, Tio, Missy, Remy, Sonny and Golden Boy
Heeling practice
Carrying the 4-H Flag
2009 Intermediate 4-H Roping - Reserve Hi
Sonny (Impressive Sailor)
1999 APHA Gelding
PLA Rescue
T-Bird Show - 2007
(the bandage was covering a
scratch I wanted to keep clean.
Sonny didn't have a serious injury)
2006 AZ State Fair -
Money earner
4-H State Finals - 2007
6th in Barrels w/Gage
Skye is now competing on Twister in
gymkhana. They have set a personal record
in poles 21.945! Keep up the great work.
Flying Old Glory!
Here is a pic of me on the trail. I am
usually the one with the camera, so
these are few.
Heading with Brandon
They were 4-H Reserve Hi Point
Champs and qualified for state in 2009
Sonny has won me several
buckles over the years!
Looking over the edge of the
mountain on the Sonoran Desert
Camp Out 12-08
Skye and Sonny
Blue in 4-H English Bareback
Learning the equitation pattern
Tio's Bright Son
1998 APHA Gelding
520-568-3064 - H
520-280-8257 - C
2004 APHA Gelding
2nd at the
2008 4-H
State finals
in poles!
6th in Goats
My favorite pic of Don & Tio
On a trail ride in Vekol Wash
Skye & Tio at a show
Trail in Hand w/Skye
Don on Barrels
Brandon at 4-H
Lots more trails
This was fun!!!
Just Relaxing
Keeping me company at a
barrel race
Brandon running Barrels
Skye will be barrel racing on
Tio this year - 2010
Brandon w/Remy - as a
stallion - trail time
Leading the ride!
Skye's 4-H horse was injured.
She got Remy in shape for
4-H State Fianls!
Western Showmanship
Western Riding
6th place in Western Riding at State!
More than we hoped for
Just cruising the
Pinal County 4-H Show
Hi-Point Western & English
Scouting the Sonoran Desert
before our campout
Skye & Sonny - 2010 NBHA Barrel Race at
the last Gilbert Days Rodeo
NBHA  Barrel Race at the last Gilbert Rodeo
Days Rodeo - 2010
A Barrels Buckle Winner!
Running AA Barrels 2011