Day of arrival: 5/11/08
Desensitizing and learning to lead.
Spirit leading well for Gage (13 y/o).
She gave her front feet well.
Brandon is back with Spirit to work on some more
desensitizing exercises to prepare for saddling.
Spirit did so well in this session, we
called it quits for the day on a great note!
5 y/o BLM Mustang
Owned by Alan & Rose Cruze of Tucson
Arrived at Ram's Head Ranch on Mother's Day - 5/11/08
Watch her progress....
5/19/08: Spirit has been moving along well this week. She is wearing the saddle and
continuing with her ground work. She is much more relaxed and comfortable around people.
5/21/08: Finally giving her back feet...
What you do on one side must be
done on the other...
Finally the actual mount and first ride...
Spirit did great and no buck.  
We did a our job getting her
ready to ride...

Again, another great time to
end a very positive session.
Spirit was somewhat gentled. She did not lead,
was disrepectful on the ground, never ridden.
Sunday May, 25, 2008
Spirit and Rose learned to wotk
together in the round pen today.  
When they finished their lesson
together, Spirit was saddled and ridden
for Rose to show Rose what a good
girl she is turning out to be!
Rose is such a proud momma :)
No more wild Mustang!
Rear feet being
trimmed for the
very first time!  
What very good girl Spirit has become!
Spirit being exercised by Gage, my 13 y/o son.  She is doing
very well.  Light, soft, responsive and respectful.  6/4/08
Spirit's mom, Rose came today - 6/6/08.
Rose and Spirit had their first ride together!
What does this smile say?!
Getting a feel for Spirit and
trying to remember to flex
and use light hands.
Wow, she flexes at the poll too!
Rose found the tarp, Spirit
wasn't too sure about Rose's
desire to walk on it.
Well, maybe mom is serious....
Fine, not only will I walk on
it, I will stand on it for you
6/7/08 Spirit's Trail Ride
Barking dogs and neighborhood sights are
no big deal for Spirit on her first ride outside!
Up the hills and over logs are no big deal either.
Isn't she beautiful?
How about a drink of that water I have
been walking in?
The off roader's were out.  No problems
there either!
Heading home after an
uneventful first trail ride!