Ram's Head Ranch
Horse Training
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We promote the natural, resistance free horse training techniques of
several well known trainer/clinicians.  Including Clinton Anderson,
Dennis Reis, John Lyons, Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman and others.

We believe that  ground work is the foundation for a quiet, willing
equine partner.  Whether you want a rope horse, barrel horse, trail
horse or even a show horse - the basics are the same.  Your horse
will be ridden in every day scenarios and face every
day problems.  Not spend his time in an arena or round pen.

We work with problem horses including trailer loading, tying issues,
buddy/barn sour, trail riding alone and more.  We encourage owner
participation with the horses training, so that you can get the same
results when you get you horse home.

We have had many clients bring us horses from other trainers, only
to tell us the horse was there for 60 days and not ridden. We
provide you with photo and video updates of what your horse is
learning while training with us. That way you are seeing the
progress made and what you horse is actually doing. You are
welcome to browse our
YouTube account to see video of actual
owner updates.  

We work with all breeds including Draft breeds, gaited breeds,
ponies, QH, Arabs and Mustangs.

Our rates are kept low and affordable so the average horse owner
can afford to have their horse worked with. $500/30 days including
board. If you feel our prices are too low, feel free to pay more.
We get results.
We adopted 4 BLM Mustangs in 2008. They have all been gentled
and started under saddle.
Smoke is Don's horse and is now 4 y/o.
The other 3;
EnVee, Flash and Wapi are just coming 3 y/o and
have just been started. Click on their names for their pages.

Spirit was a special horse to Brandon. He had her here only 30
days and felt she had so much potential. He misses her and still
likes to look over pix of her progress. She was so special, we made
her a page all her own!
Spirit, BLM Mustang

We have worked with many horses over the last 10 years. Feel
free to browse the
pages of our past students. Please notice that
most of these horses are being ridden or handled by my children.

These pix are from the last two years .
Meet 5 of our favorite horses.