3 y/o Black/Grullo
BLM Gelding
Smoke is in the process of being gentled. Don is working him, so he will take longer
being Don works. Smoke was 2 y/o when he was captured. He is pretty unsure and
First day home 5/3/08
Taken 5/10/08
Don has been working with Smoke a little after work. This was his first trip to the round
pen. He did great! Smoke likes to give "two eyes" and still doesn't want to move his feet
much, but we are glad he isn't wanting to run away either.  He even let one of our board
clients, Andy, pet him(below).  I think this guy is coming along well.
Taken 5/11/08
Smoke's first ever grooming and even a fly
Smoke spent about 45 days being gentled, learning to lead, being
desensitized and basic groundwork.  He learned to trust people & has
become very social.  Another two weeks was spent becoming accustomed
to the saddle and having a human "curry comb".
These pix
7/2/08 First time having saddle and rider at the same time.
No bolt, no buck, nothing bad...this is the perfect time to be done for the day!!
Good job guys :-)
7/5/08 Hubby's b-day was yesterday the 4th. Brandon wanted to ride Smoke for his dad, since
Don has been working so much. But had to wait for today. Smoke handled forward movement
without buck or bolt.  We got a walk, trot and lope.  Even a perfect stop on a "Whoa!"
Video of Smoke's First Ride
It has been a year since Smoke has come to us. He is enjoying trail rides with Don and
Brandon. All of the kids are enjoying Smoke. He is a great guy!