We have trail ridden many trails throughout the
state of Arizona.  I have decided to share these
beautiful sights with everyone.  Click on the dates
for the rides.  There are many pix on each page,
please let them load.  Many thanks to everyone
that has contributed pix to these pages!!
The Trails of Arizona
Trail Ride - 10/28/07 - Vekol Wash, Maricopa, AZ
Trail Ride - 12/23/07 - Vekol Wash, Maricopa, AZ
I am still looking for the CD with these pix on it. Can't locate it since I
reformatted the computer.
Trail Ride/Potluck - 12/29/07 - BLM, Maricopa, AZ
Hosted by Kim Schmid
Trail Ride/Potluck - 3/30/08 - BLM, Maricopa, AZ
Hosted by Kim Schmid