2 y/o Bay Roan
BLM Gelding
I am not sure why I brought this gelding home. I guess it was his kind eye and his
good looks. He will be gentled and trained by my 13 y/o son, Gage.
After Gage's frist trip to the round pen with Wapi, Gage was able pet,
brush, lead and put Wapi's fly mask on. Can you see Gage's big smile?!
Gage has done a fantastic job with Wapi. Below Gage is riding in the schooling arena. Brandon is
riding a BLM mare that is with us for training. Gage has done all of the training on Wapi on his
own with no help from any of us!  1/09
Wapi has had his front feet trimmed before, but was very shy about his rears. Gage is trimming Wapi's rear
hooves for the first time!
Wapi's first clip! He never objected even once.  Gage did a fantasic job with this horse.
Riding with friends in the big arena. Wapi is also learning the barrel and pole
patterns. He will be shown at the local gymkhana soon! 4/09